What’s New This Spring

Spring? Spring!

As anyone who has lived in Edmonton for any length of time knows very well, winter rarely gives up easily around here, and this winter has been no different. I think we are almost out of the woods now and boy, are we all ready for a change of season!
To set the mood for the warm days ahead, we have a couple of terrific events coming up (see left) sure to lift your spirits. On May 10th, we will be exploring ‘Sunshine Brews” and on May 24th, our famous annual rite of spring, the Spring Fling!
The line-up this year looks fantastic, with several new specialist agencies represented, so come out and shake off those lingering winter blahs.
Also with summer in mind (yay, G&T season!), we have been expanding our selection of artisanal gins over the last little while, and there are a couple of new ones in this edition of the newsletter for you to consider. Not inexpensive, but WOW, do they make a difference!

And, of course, the Beer Cave is bursting with delicious new brews, with new ones coming every week.


For the Collector

Vina Cobos Volturno
Marchiori Vineyard Malbec
2009 $205

Wine Advocate 98 points

“Loaded, long, powerful yet elegant, this velvety offering delivers everything one might want in a Malbec. This pleasure bent effort should see its 20th birthday in peak condition.

Vina Cobos is a partnership between Paul Hobbs, Andrea Marchiori, and Luis Barraud. The new releases are further confirmation that Vina Cobos is one of Argentina’s great producers. The Felino label has for a number of years been synonymous with value.”

*Very Limited

The Glories of Old Amarone

Among the greatest gifts that Italian winemaking has given the world is the deep, captivating “wine of contemplation”
– Amarone. Made from grapes that have been carefully dried in airy lofts before being fermented, Amarone provides an absolutely unique tasting experience, and have therefore become quite popular with our customers. However, it is only with cellaring – ten, twenty, even thirty years, that Amarone has a chance to develop to its fullest, becoming plush, multilayered, and intriguingly complex; changing throughout the evening and drawing us back again and again for just one more taste.
Unfortunately, few of us have the patience to wait that long and most Amarone is consumed before its time. Still tasty, but just a hint of what is possible. To give our customers a chance to experience them at their best, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to grab some back vintages of these wines.
On our shelves now, we have 5 vintages of the popular Masi Costasera Anmarone from as far back as 1990, as well as the special selection Masi Mazzano Amarone from 1995 ($195) and one of the greats, Bertani, from the 2004 vintage ($110), a wine with decades ahead of it. When its time for a treat, do yourself a favour and try one!

Other New Stuff

Glenfiddich 14yr Rich Oak Single Malt Scotch

Gelnfiddich 15yr Distillery Edition Single Malt Scotch

G’Vine Gin “Nouaison”

Uncle Val’s Gin

Ginja D’Obidos Cherry Liqueur (Absolutely the best!)


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