There are everyday wines, and then there are rare and collectibles. For the serious wine collector, Liquor Select is Edmonton’s premier destination for the most coveted wines to enhance your collection.

What Makes a Rare and Collectible Wine?

While many people often associate a hefty price tag with a rare and collectible wine, it’s important to note that not all expensive wines are collectibles. Although it’s true that collectible wines often are pricier, this is a reflection of its rarity.

Wines, like many other collectible items, have well-documented origins and vintages which make certain bottles more rare and therefore more desirable and valuable. For example, in 1982, a bottle of Lafite Rothschild may have retailed for around $40 a bottle. Today, a 1982 vintage may be worth $5,000 or more.

So what exactly makes a wine rare and collectible? Wines are given this special designation if they meet a few characteristics:

  • Ability to age well. A quality, well-made wine improves with age.
  • Potential to increase in value over time. This is attributed to a variety of factors including winemaker, vintage, demand, etc.
  • History. Some bottles of wine may have been part of a unique historical event such as being salvaged from a shipwreck.
  • Limited quantity. Perhaps a certain vineyard only made a limited number of bottles in a given year; this could make a wine rare and collectible.