Pairing Wine with Asian Food

Are you having trouble finding wines to go with your favourite Asian flavours? It can be a bit of a challenge, as Asian dishes often have a complex sweet/sour/bitter/spicy dynamic that can clash with many wines.

White Wines
Generally, the most reliable matches are the rich, often slightly off-dry whites from Alsace in France and neighbouring Germany based on Riesling, Pinot Gris, or Gewurztraminer. They have the depth to handle the spices and sweetness without thinning out, yet they are not too heavy and will not overwhelm the dish. Other good options are Chenin Blanc and New World Pinot Gris.

Red Wines
If you prefer red wines, look for fruity wines without a lot of structure such as Beaujolais, Zinfandel or Australian Grenache blends.

You just might be surprised by how well wine and Asian food can go together. Try it with your rice bowl, or noodle dish tonight!

Bon appétit!

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