Theoretically Brewing

These days it’s hard to keep up with all the new craft breweries that are popping up in Alberta, therefore it’s also becoming difficult to figure out what to put on the shelf here at Liquor Select. One of the products that I have chosen hails from Lethbridge Alberta, the Theoretically Brewing Company. Founded and operated by Kelti Boissonneault and Kris Fischer, Theoretically Brewing officially opened its doors in December of 2015 and is Lethbridge’s first craft brewery. As a company they pride themselves on the quality of their product as well as the use of locally grown ingredients, including their brew masters.

Currently at the store we carry their Study Buddy Hefeweizen which I found to be a classic for the style. Bright golden color with the typical banana nose then clean and fresh in the mouth, a perfect beer for a hot summer day.

The Curiosity Amber Ale had a nice dark amber color to it with what I found to be stone fruits and crème brûlée on the nose. The flavor reminded me of bitter almonds with a touch of toffee underneath. This beer is an ongoing project for them as every batch they make they will tweak something in order to make it better. I’m good with that as it gives me something to look forward to in the next batch.

Finally we have the Gemütlichkeit Roggenbiere. Gemütlichkeit is a German word that is for the most part untranslatable as it conveys both a feeling as well as the surroundings that are cause for that feeling, all in one word. Roggenbiere means Rye Beer. In the glass this beer has a dark amber color accompanied by some haze. The nose reminds me of butterscotch and to my delight, does not have that rye smell that I dislike. The taste is smooth with a bit of rye bite at the end without being overwhelming.

Overall I am quite impressed with what Theoretically Brewing and I look forward to trying more of their wares. Also, it’s nice to be able to support a local product.

Written by Leonardo Gonzales, Fine Wines by Liquor Select.

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