Why We Should All Go To The California Wine fair

Anyone who loves wine in this town can be forgiven for thinking that Edmonton is often the forgotten city when it comes to worthwhile public wine shows, dinners, and producer visits. Both Calgary and Vancouver see far more activity in this regard than Edmonton does and everybody in the industry knows why; Edmonton buys far less quality wine than other major Canadian cities and previous attempts to establish more events of a similar calibre have often been met with indifference. Edmontonians as a group are too easily fobbed off with whatever industrial sludge is on sale in the flyers and have been trained to think that events like Winefest and Rocky Mountain, both sponsored by big box purveyors of industrial sludge, are the real deal.

The California Wine Fair, on the other hand, is the real deal, with hundreds of authentic, hand crafted wines from many of California’s most esteemed wineries available to try and hands-on, knowledgeable producers to talk to. It is much more than just another public piss-up and should be on every wine fan’s list of things to do.

Why do we care so much? Because quality public events like this compliment the core principles behind this store – REAL wine, REAL service, REAL selection and REAL value.

Thats why Fine Wines by Liquor Select is holding an in-store draw for 2 tickets to this important event.The next time you are in, be sure to enter for your chance to save yourself $150.

Jeff Sparling is the general manager of Fine Wines by Liquor Select and a wine enthusiast.

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