Wine Tastings

Book a Private Wine Tasting

Liquor Select’s upper-level tasting room is available for private events. Whether you want to host a corporate event or a private function, the spacious room and seating can be configured to your liking. A screen, projector and stereo system are available for use. A Liquor Select team member is available to help with wine selection and is onboard throughout the evening to ensure your event runs smoothly. All guests of private events receive a 10% discount off all purchases for the evening.

Select a Theme

  • Wine, scotch, port or beer tastings
  • Food and wine pairing

Select a Room Arrangement

  • Sit-down seating (for more structured events)
  • Festival style (standing up accommodates larger crowds and allows guests to mingle)

Sit-down tasting events (2 hours)

All sit-down tasting events include:

  • Private consultation to select tasting theme by country or grape variety
  • Liquor Select speaker/educator to host event
  • Bread/water glasses for rinsing/spit buckets/ice buckets
  • Glassware/plates/bowls as needed
  • Handouts/placemats/order forms as needed

Food can be booked through us or arranged to bring on-site as needed.

Festival style event (stand up tasting)

  • Private consultation to choose tasting theme
  • Liquor Select speaker to host event/servers at stations
  • Handouts/order forms as needed


Liquor Select can work with most budgets and can help you tailor the event to your needs. Please consult our helpful staff to discuss a budget that works for you.

Pop by anytime and ask to see our private tasting room. Interested in spicing up your next private event?
Contact us today.

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