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Liquor Select hosts many events throughout the year including the annual Spring Fling and Christmas Open House. All events (unless otherwise stated) are held in Liquor Select’s spacious upper-level private tasting room. Bring your friends and come to one of our events where you can sip, savour and learn about wine, scotch and spirits.

Home Tasting and Video Series Pack

A guided wine tasting series from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the new Home Tasting Series. With in-store tasting events unlikely to be possible for some time to come, we have developed an exciting new Home Tasting and Video Series Pack that you and maybe a few close, yet appropriately distanced, friends can enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home. Maybe split the cost and make it an enjoyable addition to your next small gathering. Like our in-store tastings, these packages are designed to be as educational as possible, with in-depth background notes, as well as an online video of our favourite presenters leading you through the flights to help you get the most from the wines.

The flights will be composed of 3 wines on a theme. The packages will be priced 15% off the shelf price and the wines themselves will remain on sale at the store for 10% off until the 15th of the following month if you want to come down and pick some up.

The tastings packs and accompanying videos will be released on the 15th of each month. With the videos being permanently available on Facebook and on our website, you can hold your tasting anytime you wish, or you can even do it wine by wine on different nights if you prefer.

This is not a club and you do not have to sign up for the tastings to participate in them. Just pick up a tasting package and set aside an evening to explore the fascinating world of wine.


Home Tasting Series Package #1

Released: September 15, 2020
Crotin 1897 Winery, Piedmonte, Italy


Follow along with one of our favourite presenters, Michael Fregren of Artisan Wines, as he leads us through a very interesting line-up of tiny production, little-known varietals from a winery dedicated to preserving and promoting Italy’s wine heritage.

The Wines:
Crotin Grignolino $33
Crotin Freisa $33
Crotin Albarossa $47

Regular price for these wines totals $113.00
Your cost $96.10

To access the video, please follow the link: https://youtu.be/-jhetclF2g8

Michael Fregren of Artisan Wines leads us through a lovely tasting of Crotin varietals.

Ongoing Events

The Best Free Wine Tasting Series

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Our acclaimed wine tasting series are informal events designed to be educational and fun. We only invite presenters who seriously know their stuff — inside and out. Each wine tasting is based on a unique topic such as library releases of back vintage wines. This is your chance to ask questions and learn in an intimate environment.

How it Works

You’ll receive an email the week before an event. You’ll need to RSVP within two days to indicate if you’d like to come. As space is limited, names are randomly drawn. If you’re a lucky winner, you’ll receive two free tickets to the wine tasting. All purchases that evening receive a 10% discount.

Private Wine Tastings

The private tasting room is a great place to host your next corporate event or private function. Liquor Select’s upper-level tasting room boasts ample seating space, a screen/projector and a stereo system.

The staff at Liquor Select invite you to pop in and see the beautiful tasting room, fabulous wine selection or taste some of the featured wines. Guests of tastings receive 10% off all purchases for the evening.

Contact Us to start organizing your next function.

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